Selling a Car

When selling a car in Mississippi, you must make sure that records are kept to ensure that neither party involved in the sale will be taken advantage of. The first thing you should do is provide an interested buyer with a vehicle history report. This will inform them of ownership history, accident and repair history, as well as other details that will put their mind at ease and make them more likely to buy the car. If the prospective buyer decides that they want to buy the car, then you should next fill out a bill of sale, have it notarized, and file it with the county tax collector. Be sure that both you and the buyer retain a copy of the bill of sale for your personal records. The final step will be transferring the car's title. This is arguably the most important step in selling a car. Failing to properly transfer a car's title can adversely affect either or both parties. If you do not properly transfer the title, you can be held accountable, at least initially, for actions the new owner of your old car committed.