Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance is a very convenient service to have by your side. Mississippi is home to beautiful stretches of road but unfortunately, gas stations and opportunities for help, should you need it, are scarce. This is where roadside assistance comes in handy. Since wait times for stranded motorists began being recorded in 1998, studies have found that Mississippi transportation officials have the longest response time in the entire United States. Stranded motorists waited on average 44 minutes for public assistance or road rangers to arrive. This was the worst wait time in the country. Alaska has the worst wait-time, which is more than 164 times the size of Mississippi. Furthermore, stranded motorists in Alaska waited 28 minutes on average for public, or road ranger assistance. Mississippi residents who are subscribed to a roadside assistance plan wait on average 18 minutes, the national average. Therefore, as a Mississippi motorist, it is in your best interest to get roadside assistance.